Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The scoop!

I know, I know I suck...I've been MIA. But don't worry I'll catch you up in a flash. :)

So the last time you saw me I was heading out to hang with Himbo and Mandy in Hollywood on a Thursday night. Himbo and I had dinner at Asia de Cuba @ The Mondrion. I swear it was the best dinner I've ever had in my life!

While we waited for our table we ordered a couple of Mojitos!

Once at our table and after checking out the waiter, we had the Calamari Salad (Crispy Calamari with chayote, hearts of palm banana, cashews, chicory and raddicchio with sesame orange dressing) & Crab Croquetas (Jicama, mango, green apple and mirin infused slaw, roasted red pepper remoulade and chili ponzu dipping sause). For the main dish we had Miso Cured Alasken Butterfish (Cuben black bean and edamame salad, tempura shisito peppers) and Thai Coconut Sticky Rice and a few more Mojitos (Mango!). We were so stuffed we didn't have room for dessert, which sucked because everything on the dessert menu looked so good.

We proceeded to Sky Bar where we met up with Mandy and sat by the pool, talked business, made fun of people, had more drinks, and talked more crap. About 1am we headed up to our room to continue partying. I put on some Madonna and we partied till we passed out drunk about 2 hours later...lol Good Times!!

Now lets catch you up on the guys in my life...B and I started hanging out almost everyday, he'd come over we'd go have dinner, I'd sneak him in, we'd watch TV, make out then he'd go home. This went on for about a month then one day he just disappears on me...nothing for a week. Finally I get a txt...I'm pissed at this point cuz WTF? We message for a while he smooths things over...He got "scared" he was really starting to like me...blah blah. He comes over we go to dinner, things seem to be back to normal, I sneak him in...we make out...he starts getting handsy, I tell him to slow down (I mean hello you've been MIA for a week, you can't just assume we'll pick up were we left off. RUDE!), I think he gets upset because he starts acting weird. Finally he goes home...and guess what?! He disappears again! So that potential something is out the window lol...I saw him again last friday and I looked good....he sent me a txt, I humored him and wrote back for a while and just when I think, ok he's gonna stop being a Deusch, he starts acting like an Ass...I've deleted his number. :)

Don't worry about me though...I've got back ups. I met W for out first date a couple weeks ago, we walked around the block then went to the beach. it was nice. Last week I met him at the Halloween store off the 5 fwy to help him pick out a costume. Then Himbo and I met up with him on Halloween (more on that in the next post).

I met R for coffee a couple nights ago. He cracks me up! He's a smart ass just like me so we get along great. I might see him tonight for a few drinks...

and last but not least there's P, we went to high school together and come to find out we both had a crush on each other. We're going out on Friday. Yay!!

And yes, I promise I'll try not to go MIA for so long.


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