Monday, September 21, 2009

"On N on N on the beat goes"

I've only been single about a week and already Traigo pege (I'm like gum)


This weekend one of my friends finally made a pass at me. After months of spending weekends together cuddling (don't worry this cuddling business was put on hold when I had a BF) and he never make a move, Friday night he finally did. Here's the dilemma...I like him, care about, think he's super sweet and he's a good kisser BUT I'm not physically attracted to him. Plus there's the 95% chance that I'll break his heart. Which I totally don't want to do. So we're going to have a long conversation next time I go hang out.

Then there's this other guy I went on a couple dates with a few month ago, whom I still occasionally txt, that asked me when I was going to let him take me out again.

And Finally the one I like the most...I'll call him B. B and I met through mutual friends about a year ago at the Juke Joint in Anaheim. We only hung out the one time but txt for a couple weeks after that...nothing ever developed. I saw him again on Sunday at said mutual friends kids Bday party and mutual friend delivered a messege from him...he asked for my # so he could call me...well of course I jumped right on that...Literally. Lol no, I'm joking (not yet!) I gave mutual friend permission to give him my number. So we txt the rest of Sunday and set a date for Wednesday...well neither of us could wait that long we hung out Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...but I can't see him again till maybe Saturday or Sunday. I'm smitten....Ex-BF who???

Oh yea and Tonight I'm meeting up with Himbo and Mandy to experience the Hollywood nightlife...SWEET!!


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  1. Good luck with that! No Man wants to be "the Friend" so I hope it works out! I don't know if it's possible for a good sexual attraction can happen between folks when it is as you said, You dig him, he's a good kisser but there are no sparks!

    Please stop by!