Friday, September 18, 2009

The Latest!

I’ve had such a long busy week, it’s insane. Here's whats been going on...

Friday: like usual I drove out to damn near MEXCICALI to be with my boyfriend (we’ll call him M) who is now my ex-boyfriend…I'll tell you all about it just keep reading! Where I proceeded to have a boring weekend cuz we didn’t do anything.

Saturday: He worked. So I spent all day in bed watching movies just relaxing. He was going to be home by 6:30ish so I get up and start getting ready around 4:30. I thought we were going to go watch that new movie All about Steve with Sandra Bullock & Bradley Cooper (So HOTT!) because that’s what we had discussed Friday night when I got there but, he never even brought it up. So whatever! We went to the store bought a few things and just came back home. I’d been feeling like our sex life had started becoming routine and his sexual energy was lacking “he’s always tired”. Ex: we start but never seem to finish…(insert me rolling my EYES!!). I know it's not something you're supposed to talk about but isn't communication the key to maintaining a healthy relationship? Anyways I talk to him, I think I hurt his feelings cuz he gets a little upset but says he understand where I’m coming from. So I’m thinking sweet this communication thing works and we end Saturday on a good routine note. lol!

Sunday: He leaves the house before me cuz he was going to meet up with his mom for breakfast and I was meeting up with T and Y in San Diego @ The Natural History Museum. I get to SD, we go see the Body Worlds Exhibit, it’s awesome by the way, you have to see it! And had some much needed girl time.

Monday: Went to work which was hectic but otherwise normal, after work I went to help Himbo move. This is where it any person in a relationship I called him and let him know what I was doing. He seemed ok, I go about my business. We get to Himbo's new place, unload then go drop off the u-haul. As we're driving I realize what time it is, 10:40pm and I think shit it’s late I haven’t called him, wait he hasn't calle dme either...that's weird. Maybe he got drunck and fell asleep...should I call him? He might be asleep?…My phone rings (keep in mind I txt him around 9pm to give him an update, he was at a bar watching MNF/drinking) it’s him….Here’s how the conversation goes.

Me: Hi honey what’s up? (Happy he called)

Him: Wow…wow (attitude)

Me: (confused by his tone)

Him: What have you been doing (accusing tone?)

Me: Moving like I said...(annoyed WTF else would I be doing?)

Him: You know what? I’m done; I’m just done…CLICK!

Wow right? What kind of shit is that? How can someone be so insecure? He met Himbo already, he liked Himbo…but whatever then, I was getting over the relationship anyways. So Himbo, our friend Mandy, and I drop off the u-haul and go eat at this café in Los Feliz where we have a celebrity encounter (Adam Levine from Maroon 5). I finally get home around 1am…

Tuesday: Pretty much the same, work then helped Himbo finish his move. Got home about 12:30am…Lol if M hadn’t broken up with me Monday he would for sure have done it today…

Wednesday: Work, then Mile Square Park to watch my other bff B and some other friends play softball/do some jogging.

Thursday: Work then School

Friday: Work then Hemet to visit my mother and hang out with L, B, E till Sunday.

Have a great weekend! I know I will. I’ll tell you all about it next week.


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