Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hawaiian BBQ anyone?

Let me start by saying I was opposed to this from the start...

Today for lunch my friends and I (mostly my friends) decided to go and try out this Hawaiian BBQ place in Cypress. Can you say yuck...I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki bowl and the chicken tasted like fried wieinie (for all you mexicans out there you know what I'm taking about...Mom used to make it for us when we were kids with scrammbled eggs). That was enough to put me off ever going there again. T ordered some meat and gravey thing...yes, I tasted it (um Mcky D's hamburger patty smothered in gravy) and N had something that looked like grilled chicken and fried chicken...I couldn't continue to abuse myself so I didn't even bother with that one. The brightside of that whole mess was that T bought me otherwise I would've been Pissed.

I'm sure alot of people will think I'm crazy but Hawaiian BBQ is so not for me. : )

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