Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar!

UGH! I now I shouldn't be bitching because of how the economy is right now and I'm lucky that my job is secure but....I'M SO OVER MY JOB!!

I'm bored...I could do it with my eyes closed. Oh and have I mentioned how much I hate STUPID PEOPLE! I hate it when stupid people call me and ask me stupid questions when I'm busy. Especially if they are repeat offenders!!

Today's stupid question went a little like this...

Phone: rings

Me: Hello

Dumb ASS: Hey, can you help me with this account?

Me: Sure what's the account #.

DA: 71...

Me: Uh No.

DA: Do you not handle this? Who handles this?

Me: (in an irritated tone) This is what I would call a Dumb question because you already have this information. A list was handed out (and is available on both our public drive & on our share point library) with who is in charge of what cities/accounts.

DA: Uuuuummmmmm. click.

Seriously do you agree or not...STUPID FUCKIN QUESTION!!! You have the information already take the time to look it up. If Dumb Ass had done his job right he would've called the right person and not pissed me off.

My New policy is I'm not babying anybody...if you've been here long enough to be paid at a certain level then quit being a lazy ASS and know your SHIT!!

On the bright side I had Class tonight. I'm taking Business Math. I'm doing it's only the second week but I'm already ahead of the game. I've done my homework and am working a chapter ahead of the rest. Sweet! Keep your fingers crossed that I keep it up for the rest of the semester cuz knowing me, and you will, I'll start lagging way before Christmas break.

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