Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The scoop!

I know, I know I suck...I've been MIA. But don't worry I'll catch you up in a flash. :)

So the last time you saw me I was heading out to hang with Himbo and Mandy in Hollywood on a Thursday night. Himbo and I had dinner at Asia de Cuba @ The Mondrion. I swear it was the best dinner I've ever had in my life!

While we waited for our table we ordered a couple of Mojitos!

Once at our table and after checking out the waiter, we had the Calamari Salad (Crispy Calamari with chayote, hearts of palm banana, cashews, chicory and raddicchio with sesame orange dressing) & Crab Croquetas (Jicama, mango, green apple and mirin infused slaw, roasted red pepper remoulade and chili ponzu dipping sause). For the main dish we had Miso Cured Alasken Butterfish (Cuben black bean and edamame salad, tempura shisito peppers) and Thai Coconut Sticky Rice and a few more Mojitos (Mango!). We were so stuffed we didn't have room for dessert, which sucked because everything on the dessert menu looked so good.

We proceeded to Sky Bar where we met up with Mandy and sat by the pool, talked business, made fun of people, had more drinks, and talked more crap. About 1am we headed up to our room to continue partying. I put on some Madonna and we partied till we passed out drunk about 2 hours later...lol Good Times!!

Now lets catch you up on the guys in my life...B and I started hanging out almost everyday, he'd come over we'd go have dinner, I'd sneak him in, we'd watch TV, make out then he'd go home. This went on for about a month then one day he just disappears on me...nothing for a week. Finally I get a txt...I'm pissed at this point cuz WTF? We message for a while he smooths things over...He got "scared" he was really starting to like me...blah blah. He comes over we go to dinner, things seem to be back to normal, I sneak him in...we make out...he starts getting handsy, I tell him to slow down (I mean hello you've been MIA for a week, you can't just assume we'll pick up were we left off. RUDE!), I think he gets upset because he starts acting weird. Finally he goes home...and guess what?! He disappears again! So that potential something is out the window lol...I saw him again last friday and I looked good....he sent me a txt, I humored him and wrote back for a while and just when I think, ok he's gonna stop being a Deusch, he starts acting like an Ass...I've deleted his number. :)

Don't worry about me though...I've got back ups. I met W for out first date a couple weeks ago, we walked around the block then went to the beach. it was nice. Last week I met him at the Halloween store off the 5 fwy to help him pick out a costume. Then Himbo and I met up with him on Halloween (more on that in the next post).

I met R for coffee a couple nights ago. He cracks me up! He's a smart ass just like me so we get along great. I might see him tonight for a few drinks...

and last but not least there's P, we went to high school together and come to find out we both had a crush on each other. We're going out on Friday. Yay!!

And yes, I promise I'll try not to go MIA for so long.


Monday, September 21, 2009

"On N on N on the beat goes"

I've only been single about a week and already Traigo pege (I'm like gum)...lol


This weekend one of my friends finally made a pass at me. After months of spending weekends together cuddling (don't worry this cuddling business was put on hold when I had a BF) and he never make a move, Friday night he finally did. Here's the dilemma...I like him, care about, think he's super sweet and he's a good kisser BUT I'm not physically attracted to him. Plus there's the 95% chance that I'll break his heart. Which I totally don't want to do. So we're going to have a long conversation next time I go hang out.

Then there's this other guy I went on a couple dates with a few month ago, whom I still occasionally txt, that asked me when I was going to let him take me out again.

And Finally the one I like the most...I'll call him B. B and I met through mutual friends about a year ago at the Juke Joint in Anaheim. We only hung out the one time but txt for a couple weeks after that...nothing ever developed. I saw him again on Sunday at said mutual friends kids Bday party and mutual friend delivered a messege from him...he asked for my # so he could call me...well of course I jumped right on that...Literally. Lol no, I'm joking (not yet!) I gave mutual friend permission to give him my number. So we txt the rest of Sunday and set a date for Wednesday...well neither of us could wait that long we hung out Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...but I can't see him again till maybe Saturday or Sunday. I'm smitten....Ex-BF who???

Oh yea and Tonight I'm meeting up with Himbo and Mandy to experience the Hollywood nightlife...SWEET!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Latest!

I’ve had such a long busy week, it’s insane. Here's whats been going on...

Friday: like usual I drove out to damn near MEXCICALI to be with my boyfriend (we’ll call him M) who is now my ex-boyfriend…I'll tell you all about it just keep reading! Where I proceeded to have a boring weekend cuz we didn’t do anything.

Saturday: He worked. So I spent all day in bed watching movies just relaxing. He was going to be home by 6:30ish so I get up and start getting ready around 4:30. I thought we were going to go watch that new movie All about Steve with Sandra Bullock & Bradley Cooper (So HOTT!) because that’s what we had discussed Friday night when I got there but, he never even brought it up. So whatever! We went to the store bought a few things and just came back home. I’d been feeling like our sex life had started becoming routine and his sexual energy was lacking “he’s always tired”. Ex: we start but never seem to finish…(insert me rolling my EYES!!). I know it's not something you're supposed to talk about but isn't communication the key to maintaining a healthy relationship? Anyways I talk to him, I think I hurt his feelings cuz he gets a little upset but says he understand where I’m coming from. So I’m thinking sweet this communication thing works and we end Saturday on a good routine note. lol!

Sunday: He leaves the house before me cuz he was going to meet up with his mom for breakfast and I was meeting up with T and Y in San Diego @ The Natural History Museum. I get to SD, we go see the Body Worlds Exhibit, it’s awesome by the way, you have to see it! And had some much needed girl time.

Monday: Went to work which was hectic but otherwise normal, after work I went to help Himbo move. This is where it starts...like any person in a relationship I called him and let him know what I was doing. He seemed ok, I go about my business. We get to Himbo's new place, unload then go drop off the u-haul. As we're driving I realize what time it is, 10:40pm and I think shit it’s late I haven’t called him, wait he hasn't calle dme either...that's weird. Maybe he got drunck and fell asleep...should I call him? He might be asleep?…My phone rings (keep in mind I txt him around 9pm to give him an update, he was at a bar watching MNF/drinking) it’s him….Here’s how the conversation goes.

Me: Hi honey what’s up? (Happy he called)

Him: Wow…wow (attitude)

Me: (confused by his tone)

Him: What have you been doing (accusing tone?)

Me: Moving like I said...(annoyed WTF else would I be doing?)

Him: You know what? I’m done; I’m just done…CLICK!

Wow right? What kind of shit is that? How can someone be so insecure? He met Himbo already, he liked Himbo…but whatever then, I was getting over the relationship anyways. So Himbo, our friend Mandy, and I drop off the u-haul and go eat at this cafĂ© in Los Feliz where we have a celebrity encounter (Adam Levine from Maroon 5). I finally get home around 1am…

Tuesday: Pretty much the same, work then helped Himbo finish his move. Got home about 12:30am…Lol if M hadn’t broken up with me Monday he would for sure have done it today…

Wednesday: Work, then Mile Square Park to watch my other bff B and some other friends play softball/do some jogging.

Thursday: Work then School

Friday: Work then Hemet to visit my mother and hang out with L, B, E till Sunday.

Have a great weekend! I know I will. I’ll tell you all about it next week.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar!

UGH! I now I shouldn't be bitching because of how the economy is right now and I'm lucky that my job is secure but....I'M SO OVER MY JOB!!

I'm bored...I could do it with my eyes closed. Oh and have I mentioned how much I hate STUPID PEOPLE! I hate it when stupid people call me and ask me stupid questions when I'm busy. Especially if they are repeat offenders!!

Today's stupid question went a little like this...

Phone: rings

Me: Hello

Dumb ASS: Hey, can you help me with this account?

Me: Sure what's the account #.

DA: 71...

Me: Uh No.

DA: Do you not handle this? Who handles this?

Me: (in an irritated tone) This is what I would call a Dumb question because you already have this information. A list was handed out (and is available on both our public drive & on our share point library) with who is in charge of what cities/accounts.

DA: Uuuuummmmmm. click.

Seriously do you agree or not...STUPID FUCKIN QUESTION!!! You have the information already take the time to look it up. If Dumb Ass had done his job right he would've called the right person and not pissed me off.

My New policy is I'm not babying anybody...if you've been here long enough to be paid at a certain level then quit being a lazy ASS and know your SHIT!!

On the bright side I had Class tonight. I'm taking Business Math. I'm doing good...lol it's only the second week but I'm already ahead of the game. I've done my homework and am working a chapter ahead of the rest. Sweet! Keep your fingers crossed that I keep it up for the rest of the semester cuz knowing me, and you will, I'll start lagging way before Christmas break.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt you ROCK!!

I'm so proud of me...Finally got off my Ass and did a little exercise. : ) My friend A and I met up at Mile Square Park to do some cardio. We did a good hour of walking.

Then I ventured into Anaheim to drop some boxes of @ my BFF Himbo's house and on the way home stopped at what is now my Fav. frozen yogurt spot. Tutti Frutti you're the BEST!!! I'm in LURVE!!

Hawaiian BBQ anyone?

Let me start by saying I was opposed to this from the start...

Today for lunch my friends and I (mostly my friends) decided to go and try out this Hawaiian BBQ place in Cypress. Can you say yuck...I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki bowl and the chicken tasted like fried wieinie (for all you mexicans out there you know what I'm taking about...Mom used to make it for us when we were kids with scrammbled eggs). That was enough to put me off ever going there again. T ordered some meat and gravey thing...yes, I tasted it (um Mcky D's hamburger patty smothered in gravy) and N had something that looked like grilled chicken and fried chicken...I couldn't continue to abuse myself so I didn't even bother with that one. The brightside of that whole mess was that T bought me lunch...lol otherwise I would've been Pissed.

I'm sure alot of people will think I'm crazy but Hawaiian BBQ is so not for me. : )

Once and Again.

I've decided to give this whole blogging thing another try...I need to vent somehow. At least this way it's somewhat annonymous...lol!

So I recently moved again for the 100th time in like 4 years and my room is so small my ass touches all 4 walls...j/k no seriously I'm cramped in there. On the plus side, it's close to work and cheap. I had to get rid of my bed (use to have a Queen double pillow top mattress) cuz it just didn't fit, so, I bought a full size air mattress to sleep on temporarily and that didn't fit either. My next purchase is going to be this Solsta Sofabed from Ikea.
Hopefully it fits and hopefully its comfortable. I'll post some pix of my new extra-small room soon.